Staff Matters

We Build Companies One Talented Person at a Time.

Recruiting, Staffing and Employment Services

What We Do

We can help you find talented people to work on any of the following terms:

  • Contract-to-Hire or Temp-to-Hire Team members that work for us initially but can become your own employees after a period of time
  • Direct Hire Regular, full-time team members that work for you, on your payroll, from day one (also known as headhunting or recruiting services)
  • Contractors / Temps Our team members working with yours to even out coverage for your workload
  • Payrolling Services This is NOT a paycheck printing or payroll processing service, but rather a way for you to find your own candidates, refer them to us to hire for you, and have them work for you as a contractor or temp for a period of time at substantially lower costs than if we had done the recruiting for you. Companies use this service:
    • To add flexibility to their workforce
    • To simplify hiring people for non-permanent work (short or medium term)
    • To avoid the tax risks and potential fines for wrongfully hiring / classifying people as 1099 Independent Contractors
    • To avoid risk in hiring or termination; to outsource their probation period with an extra "buffer"
    • To simplify the process of getting someone to work quickly while waiting for their own internal approvals or hiring processes to be completed.