Staff Matters

We Build Companies One Talented Person at a Time.

Recruiting, Staffing and Employment Services

Why Us

We work with some of the best employers in Southern Arizona. When you are considering all of the jobs that you might want to pursue, let us be your extra set of eyes and ears. It is both free and confidential. Even if we do not have a job for you today, we may have one tomorrow, and we will proactively call you to let you know. You make the ultimate decision on what jobs you accept or decline. There are no obligations.

Decades of Experience

With decades of industry experience, Staff Matters helps companies find people, and people find jobs in all of the above areas. Our recruiters and technical recruiters take great pride in helping companies recruit talent and in helping people with their careers not just in Tucson, but Arizona state-wide, and with a number of our clients, nationally.

Nationwide Scope

The whole country is our playground. We have extremely large nationwide pools of employers and we can funnel all of that down to just the few viable options that you are after.

Please Contact Us for Any of the Following:

  • Employment on a regular, full-time basis, or on a contract / temporary basis. There is no cost to register with or find a job through our company.
  • Information about what to expect from our industry and our company.
  • Employment in any of the following fields:
    • General
    • Engineering
    • Technical
    • I.T.
    • Administrative
    • Light Industrial
    • Labor

Our Credentials & Professional Affiliations